Use curiosity in your affirmations

It is your universal birthright to be rich. You are here on earth, in this form, at this time to express fullness in every way. It is your purpose in this moment to enjoy life, be happy and celebrate life. 

Infinite riches are all around you. These riches are not locked up in a vault they are in you! Within your own subconscious. 

Begin now to manifest and receive that which desires to be expressed, money, friends, a new home, all debts paid, anything you want. These desires are boiling within you, and they are excited to come out and be experienced in your life. 

Start creating your vision today using curiosity. Take a moment and curiously investigate how you want the day to play out. 

What does it look like? 

How does it feel (*be sure to use positive emotions) 

Then picture yourself a few hours after it has all happened, looking back on what you created and take it in.

Have a great day and remember #StayCuriousMyFriend

 ⁃ Martin

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