How Great Leaders Connect

Summary below! This is Martin Lopez's and Hayden Hayden’s Conscious Choosing for Flow Webinar

Our webinars and videos are designed to deepen the awareness and understanding of Conscious Choosing for Flow’s concepts and skills. Martin Lopez, an affiliate in San Diego, interviews Hayden covering topics in the book. These 15-20 minute webinars provide real-life examples of how consciously choosing curiosity impacts relationships and affects the results people are able to achieve.
Dealing with conflict and disconnection with others is something no one enjoys or can completely avoid. Great Leaders understand the need to connect and the impact forward moving conversations have on one another. This is why Great Leaders know that if they need to transform the tension of conflict in real time, then they need a proven tool that works every time. That is why Great Leaders turn to The Curiosity Theory and Conscious Choosing and the tools we have for communication.

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