Shifting the way people approach conversations

As people how do we typically approach conversations?
The way we enter into conversations has a lot to do with how the conversation turns out.
Is it going to be a positive or negative outcome. Is our approach Pro-Active or Re-Active?
Identifying what peoples feeling are is the key to connection what needs follow the feelings and intentions of people.

Points: It's hard to trust when you're feeling manipulated.

When you approach people in conversation start looking for the underlying Need... What's behind their words.
In Leadership, understanding that people are almost always requesting what they need is a powerful way to approach business and personal conversations.



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Use curiosity in your affirmations

It is your universal birthright to be rich. You are here on earth, in this form, at this time to express fullness in every way. It is your purpose in this moment to enjoy life, be happy and celebrate life. 

Infinite riches are all around you. These riches are not locked up in a vault they are in you! Within your own subconscious. 

Begin now to manifest and receive that which desires to be expressed, money, friends, a new home, all debts paid, anything you want. These desires are boiling within you, and they are excited to come out and be experienced in your life. 

Start creating your vision today using curiosity. Take a moment and curiously investigate how you want the day to play out. 

What does it look like? 

How does it feel (*be sure to use positive emotions) 

Then picture yourself a few hours after it has all happened, looking back on what you created and take it in.

Have a great day and remember #StayCuriousMyFriend

 ⁃ Martin

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Speak your Needs and get what you want from life

TCT-Needs-List-600-PromoEveryday we speak our needs but the way most of us speak leaves a little confusion as to what our real needs are and what we seek to have our lives the way we want it.

How often do you hear someone saying "I need YOU to ______ (Fill in the blank). As for me I find myself saying "I need YOU to" and not being clear about the need that I really want.

After training with Hayden Hayden from Conscious Choosing for Flow for over 5 years I have come to the conclusion that identifying other peoples underlying needs is critical and utterly vital to strong positive communication.

Needs are like magic when identified they create instant connection and mutual understanding between people and even groups. Needs give us a solid foundation to communicate and get past our differences with the respect and safety we all need.

If you find yourself in the middle of a conflict, take a deep breath and change the direction by identifying your needs and the needs of others, what happens will amaze you.

Needs List PDF

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How Great Leaders Connect

Summary below! This is Martin Lopez's and Hayden Hayden’s Conscious Choosing for Flow Webinar

Our webinars and videos are designed to deepen the awareness and understanding of Conscious Choosing for Flow’s concepts and skills. Martin Lopez, an affiliate in San Diego, interviews Hayden covering topics in the book. These 15-20 minute webinars provide real-life examples of how consciously choosing curiosity impacts relationships and affects the results people are able to achieve.
Dealing with conflict and disconnection with others is something no one enjoys or can completely avoid. Great Leaders understand the need to connect and the impact forward moving conversations have on one another. This is why Great Leaders know that if they need to transform the tension of conflict in real time, then they need a proven tool that works every time. That is why Great Leaders turn to The Curiosity Theory and Conscious Choosing and the tools we have for communication.

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