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Shifting the way people approach conversations

As people how do we typically approach conversations? The way we enter into conversations has a lot to do with how the conversation turns out. Is it going to be a positive or negative outcome. Is our approach Pro-Active or

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Use curiosity in your affirmations

It is your universal birthright to be rich. You are here on earth, in this form, at this time to express fullness in every way. It is your purpose in this moment to enjoy life, be happy and celebrate life. 

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Speak your Needs and get what you want from life

Everyday we speak our needs but the way most of us speak leaves a little confusion as to what our real needs are and what we seek to have our lives the way we want it. How often do you

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How Great Leaders Connect

Summary below! This is Martin Lopez's and Hayden Hayden’s Conscious Choosing for Flow Webinar Our webinars and videos are designed to deepen the awareness and understanding of Conscious Choosing for Flow’s concepts and skills. Martin Lopez, an affiliate in San

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Facebook is Curious

Curious Tweets: