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martin_lopezA graduate of the University of Santa Monica’s Spiritual Psychology program, Martin Lopez founded The Curiosity Theory with the mission of helping individuals and teams grow through [improved] communication and collaboration.

During his 30+ years as a real estate professional and mortgage banker, Martin observed innumerable opportunities lost due to misaligned conflict and self-sabotaging communications. Invariably, the issues were human rather than technical: simple misunderstandings, tragicomic disagreement, or fear-driven distrust.

Through long-term study with mentors and formal study programs, Martin sought to identify the human patterns common to these interpersonal breakdowns, as well as a methodology for disrupting those patterns. The Curiosity Theory is Martin’s highly-accessible manual for this.

Martin travels extensively, sharing “The Curiosity Theory” with organizational and corporate audiences.

The Curiosity Theory Courses:
1/2 Day: Living Curiously
Full Day: Path from conflict to resolution
2 Day: Conscious Choosing for Flow (as an affiliate of Conscious Choosing, LLC.)
The Curiosity Theory for Teens: (Three 2 hour sessions over 3 weeks)

Martin Lopez's Keynotes:
Living Curiously: Discover a positive and productive framework to better manage our personal and professional encounters. 
The Art of Not Fighting: How I accidently [got and now] get out a fights in life and business.
No Pressure Sales: How salespeople relieve the pressure they feel in sales conversations
Thrive Talk: Conversation for possibility with powerful and productive tools to help us lead more productive lives.

Martin aligns himself with individuals committed to create positive change in the world one shift at a time.
Its guiding principles:

  • Mutual Respect
  • Mutual Purpose
  • Appreciation
  • Focus
  • Follow-Through

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